Patterns are sent via email (password protected) and post worldwide

For UK buyers, patterns are sent out 2nd class

For overseas buyers I can send 3 patterns for the same cost of 1 pattern when purchasing, please buy one at overseas price and 2 at UK...

Pattern Delivery

Postage Costs Details

Patterns can be sent via email or post, patterns sent via email are password protected
Payment Via paypal is preferred and I accept
Uncrossed postal orders and personal cheques from UK buyers only, but will only post items out once cheque has cleared

Postage for UK buyers is free and patterns are sent out 2nd class

I can send 3 patterns for the postage cost of 1 pattern to overseas buyers, so when requesting postal delivery, please buy 1 pattern at overseas cost and the other 2 at UK postal price
For UK posted patterns allow 5 working days, overseas post is normally between 5-9 working days, please email me if you havent received them within this time limit

I do accept E-Cheques but will only send once its cleared